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Window Tinting Seattle
Window Tinting Seattle

Window Tinting Seattle is taken to another level when performed by Diamond Window Tinting. We have the skills and the knowledge to give you the best service possible. We like to think that we are performing a great service for people who love their cars and want them to look their best. Seattle window tinting is a great way to show your creativity and personality. However, we do caution residents and professionals to make sure that your windows are within state guidelines and specifications. Experts like us can tell you the specifications for auto glass tinting Seattle. The last thing you want is to get pulled over and given a ticket for violating safety regulations. We are also well known as a business that can install the 3M clean bra for Seattle residents.

While people tint windows for fun or to make a statement, some tint their vehicle's glass for medical reasons. Whatever the reasons, we have the experience and know-how to get it done quickly and safely. That being said, Seattle is a great place to live, work and play. It is a city that has a lot offer. Like you, it is filled with creativity.

While known for the Space Needle and Seahawks, Seattle is also famed for being the birthplace of Starbucks Coffee and helping redefine the modern look of America’s ideal city. It is serenely nestled beneath the majestic Mt. Rainier and is considered on the most beautiful places to live in America. The scenery is stunning and there are many attractions and places of interest to visit. The attractions are both manmade and natural. Residents love Seattle and visitors find a way to come back for more. Families can take their children to numerous museums within the city. From traditional art and science to museums that speak of the Pacific Asian experience, Seattle’s museums have something for everyone.

The Pike Place Market is the place to visit. It was established in 1907 and holds the distinction of being one of the country’s oldest, continually operating farmers’ markets. There, you can explore over nine acres of walkways, buildings, specialty shops, and unique alleys. There are more than 190 commercial businesses, 50 plus restaurants, and plenty of table space to enjoy your meals. They say that if you can imagine it, it is being sold at the Famer’s Market.

There are a number of outstanding festivities offered in Seattle throughout the year too. They provide countless fun activities for the entire family. If you are into the performing arts, the Seattle International Children’s Festival is the place to be and see. The festival is open from the beginning of July until the first Sunday in August.

Then, there is the Seattle International Film Festival that showcases some extraordinary works of independent filmmakers. Whether a resident or tourist, it can be a great way to celebrate your holiday season.

Window Tinting Seattle

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Window Tinting in Seattle

There are a few reasons that car tint is used. Either the owner has a need for it or a personal preference for it. But, there are added benefits to tinting that not many car owners think about but that make it a wonderful addition to your vehicle ownership. Here are the top five reasons you will want to get Window Tinting Seattle:

  • Improved Driving

    It can be annoying to drive with the sun in your eyes. Actually, in some cases it is downright hazardous. Car window tint protects your eyes and stops sun glare from interfering with your vision. You can drive much more safely with tint.

  • Protected Upholstery

    Heat and rays from pounding sunlight can damage your upholstery in a few years. But, this is completely preventable. Simply tint your windows and your interior will keep from warping, cracking or fading. Tint blocks nearly 90 percent of UV rays from getting inside.

  • Shatter-proof Windows

    Tint film can keep your windows from shattering in the event of being impacted by foreign objects. This can help all passengers stay safe and free of harm in the event of anything unexpected happening on the road.

  • Stay Cool

    With the correct window tint, the heat inside your car during the hot summer months can be reduced by 60 percent. This keeps heat out and lets you use much less AC.

  • Stay Healthier

    UV and direct sunlight does more than damage skin and age it, it can cause skin cancer over prolonged periods of time. With window tint, the exposure to harmful UV rays goes down by almost 100 percent. That makes for a very good reason why you should install a quality window tint in your vehicle soon. There are plenty of tint colors to choose from, too!