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Window Tinting in Everett, Washington by Diamond Window Tinting
Window Tinting in Everett, Washington by Diamond Window Tinting

At Diamond, we value our customers no matter where they live in Washington. Everett happens to be a service area that we take pride in. We offer both window tinting in Everett and 3M Clear Bra Protection. Both can benefit your car and provide protection for years to come. Our customer service sets us apart. Our technicians are skilled and knowledgeable in the glass tinting process along with the materials we use. That expertise is transferred to your vehicle. When our work is done, your car is protected against damage from rocks, sand and insect acids. We think you will also be pleased with our lifetime warranty. It is a way of stamping our confidence and approval and saying that we did a great job.

Since we are hoping that you will be cruising Everett in your re-energized vehicle, here are a few places to visit and activities to enjoy while you are out and about in the city. Everett offers a number of fun things to see and do. These things include visiting the Everett Events Center, Everett Performing Arts Center, Everett Symphony, the Arts Council of Snohomish County, and the Imagine Children’s Theater.

There is no shortage of sports venues either. Jetty Island (man-made) is a popular swimming spot, and the Port of Everett gives residents and tourists an opportunity to engage in a variety of recreational activities. Are you into deep-sea fishing? That too is available along with fishing and boating. There are minor leagues sports teams to cheer for as well.

Like you, the city is on the move. Why not give us a call or visit when you are in the area? We always enjoy education old and new clients about the benefits of window tinting and 3M Clear Bra Protection. We are the most trustworthy company to get the job done. With us, customer service is king.

We provide our customers with a comfortable waiting area where they can relax, watch television, or work on their laptop. Our work is fast and reliable. We think that Window Tinting in Everett, has never been more professional. Drop by today.

Window Tinting in Everett, Washington by Diamond Window Tinting

7 Benefits of Window Film

Tinting the windows in your car offers numerous benefits. Most people will agree that a car with tinted windows is more visually appealing than one that does not have tinted windows. In addition to making your car look amazing, there are several reasons why you should tint your windows. Let's take a look at the top seven reasons you should consider Window Tinting in Everett.

  • Decrease the Interior Temperature in Your Car

    A high-quality window film can reduce heat transfer by as much as 78 percent. This means that the sun's rays will not heat up the interior of your car, which will help decrease the need for air conditioning. Tinting your windows can extend the lifespan of your vehicle's air conditioning system.

  • Energy Savings

    When your windows are tinted, you will not need to run your air conditioner as much, which will save you money at the gas pump. If you want to improve your vehicle's gas mileage, turn off your air conditioner.

  • Reduce Fading on Your Car's Interior

    A high-quality window tint can block almost all of the UV rays from the sun. This can help reduce fading of your vehicle's interior, including your dash, upholstery and carpeting.

  • Reduce Health Risks

    Sun exposure can cause a number of health conditions. The UV ray's from the sun can cause skin and eye issues. Window film blocks these harmful rays and acts as a sunscreen, protecting you from their damaging effects.

  • Reduces Hazardous Glares

    When you are driving and experience glares, it can cause you to not be able to see clearly, resulting in a dangerous driving situation. Window film, when applied to the rear and side windows can significantly reduce glare.

  • Safety and Security

    If you are involved in an accident, the window can burst into a thousand pieces of glass. Window film holds these pieces of glass together. Additionally, window film can make it more difficult for a thief to gain access to your vehicle.

  • Enhance Your Vehicle's Appearance

    Most window tint companies offer a variety of shades of window film. If you would prefer to not darken your windows, don't worry. You can still get the benefits without darkening your windows with our window films.