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Window Tinting in Auburn, WA by Diamond Window Tinting
Window Tinting in Auburn, WA by Diamond Window Tinting

So, your curiosity about glass tinting has been peaked, and for whatever reason, you feel that it may be time to get your windows tinted. We are the place to get it done. We offer some of the best services in Washington. Our staff is friendly, skilled, and the best at what they do. People choose to tint their windows for all sorts of reasons, which may include lifestyle, professional need, or for medical reasons. Whatever your reason, we can get the job done and within Washington state guidelines and regulations. After we would not want any of our customers to be given a ticket for illegal window tinting. We take auto window tinting in Auburn to a whole new level.

We are a unique business, and we love the services we provide for our customers. We are always complimented on how professional our establishment looks, and the speed at which we get the job done. Our staff is friendly and professional because customer service is king. It has to be! Our reputation depends on it. We know how much people take pride in keeping their vehicle looking good. If you are looking for glass tinting in Auburn, WA, know that our Services include the following.

Window Tinting – Vehicle glass tints can provide the protection your windows need against harsh elements and road debris. Depending on the window tint, your car’s windows also receive a measure of protection against shattering. Just keep in mind that a powerful enough impact will shatter any glass. We also make sure that your glass tint falls in the guidelines set forth by the state of Washington. As we mentioned, we want you to look good, and we want to make sure that you never have to worry about receiving a ticket.

3M Protection Clear Bra – Many of our customers choose this option when they want to take their car’s protection to the next level. The 3M Protection Film is a revolutionary product that can provide amazing protection for the surface of your car and its mirrors. The protection can also protect fenders, fog lights, bumpers and hoods. We are the experts, and we know there is not a better product on the market for protecting paint and windows.

Live, Work and Play in Auburn

Having said that, Auburn is a great place to live, work and play. The city is located between Seattle and Tacoma. The two cities are within 20 minutes driving distance. Two rivers run through the city: White River, and the Green River. The majestic Mount Rainier is visible in the near distance and the woodland areas are a sight to see. People who work in Seattle can choose to take the Sounder Train which takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the city.

People love outdoor activities in Auburn. Whether a resident or tourist, there is always something to do. Popular skiing vicinities include Crystal Mountain and the Snoqulmie Ski resort, which are only one hour by car. With three quality golf courses, and over 30 parks, residents have ample opportunities to walk and exercise. If you love fishing, the two nearby rivers provide the perfect spot to catch a trophy.

The city’s downtown area feature a number of historic buildings and architecture. The city is spotted with quaint specialty shops such as antique and jewelry. Residents love the area because it provides a variety of shopping opportunities and ongoing events. Popular city destinations include the Iron Horse Casino, Muckleshoot Casino, Super Mall, White River Amphitheatre, and White River Valley Museum.

Enjoy Auburn, and do it in style with a glass tint that turns heads. Visit or call today. When considering auto glass tinting in Auburn, you will not find better services than those offered at Diamond Window Tinting.

Window Tinting in Auburn, WA by Diamond Window Tinting

Vehicle Tinting: Why Should You Tint Your Windows?

Window tinting in Auburn has become increasingly popular over time. For one thing, it helps improve the appearance of the car. In fact, this is probably the primary reason that our customers ask for window tinting; they want their vehicle to look better. However, it is important to note that window tinting can provide many additional benefits for you and your vehicle. Read on to learn more.

  • It Keeps The Car Cooler

    If you put on a good window film, you can cut back on heat transfer by up to 78 percent. That means that the interior of your car stays cooler and you don't have to use your air conditioner as much. As a result, your AC system may last quite a bit longer.

  • It Is Energy Efficient

    If the interior of the car stays cooler, that means you don't have to run the air conditioner as often. You save money on gas and use less energy. It is a win win situation!

  • It Helps Protect The Interior

    Harmful UV rays can easily damage the interior of a car. However, if you have up a good film, you can keep out up to 99 percent of ultra violet rays. Your interior will be less likely to fad or crack, so the car will look better over time.

  • It Keeps You Healthy

    The sun can do a lot of damage to the skin and to the eyes. Window tinting keeps out UV rays, which means that your body is not exposed to the negative effects of the sun.

  • It Cuts Back On Glare

    Glare from the sun can cause a lot of problems while driving; it makes it difficult to see the road. Applying a good window film can cut back on glare quite a bit.

  • It Makes The Care Safer

    Windows can shatter in the event of an accident. Window film actually helps to keep the glass from shattering, and it can also deter thieves for this reason as well.

  • It Looks Good

    Many people like the way their car looks with window tinting. However, if you don't want the windows to be darker, but you still want all the advantages that come with window tinting, talk to us about your options!