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Automotive Window Tint Myths – Check Out These Truths vs Fiction

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As we talk with customers that have questions about window tint every day and one thing we realized is that there are some automotive window tint myths that need to be dispelled. With that in mind, we wrote this article to discuss 3 common myths about automotive window tint and to give you the truth.

3 Common Automotive Window Tint Myths Dispelled


  1. Automotive Window Tint Myths - 3 Truths Versus FictionWindow Tint Will Make My Windows Too Dark – While there may have been a time that this was true, modern window film technology allows you to block a significant amount of heat and harmful UV rays from passing through the glass without noticeably darkening the glass. In fact, we have technology that enables a barely noticeable window film to outperform the heat rejecting properties of a film of limousine darkness from years ago.
  2. Vehicle Window Tint Will Change Color and Fail Leaving a Bubbly and Hazy Mess – This can certainly be true if substandard window film is used during the installation. It is imperative to have your window tint installed by a professional shop utilizing high quality window films backed by a manufacturers warranty. Most professional window films will come with a lifetime warranty against color change, bubbling, peeling, haziness, etc. We would be happy to provide you with a copy of the warranty for the window film products we utilize as well as warranty paperwork once your installation is complete.
  3. Automotive Window Tint Is Illegal To Have Installed – This is also false. The laws regarding vehicle window tint vary based on what state you reside in. To learn more about the tint laws in your area as well as anywhere in the United States and Canada, you can check out the handy guide available HERE.

If you would like more information regarding the automotive window tint myths discussed above or to talk about your options on getting a vehicle tinted, contact us by calling (206) 403-1366. We are your premier source for automotive tint in the Tukwila And Seattle, Washington area. Find out why Diamond Window Tinting is the Tukwila and Seattle, Washington area #1 source for automotive window tinting.

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