Getting Your Vehicle Tinted in Seattle? Here Are 6 Questions to Ask.

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Getting your vehicle tinted will offer countless benefits including protecting skin by blocking UV rays, cooling your car, and reducing glare – just to name a few. But, before you make the initial purchase, ask yourself these six important questions to ensure you are on the right track.

    1. How long will my window tint last? – The lifetime of window films is dependent on many factors including product type and quality, the climate, and the amount of direct sunlight your car is exposed to.
    2. How long will it take to tint my windows? – The process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to a few hours depending on how many windows are being tinted.
    3. Is the film covered by a warranty? – Most quality products come with a limited lifetime warranty. However, you should confirm the exact warranty length and stipulations prior to purchasing any film.
    4. Which window tint is right for me? – In order to select the best film for your vehicle, you should consult a professional window film dealer. Dealers offer a wide range of products in a variety of shades and colors, as well as different styles and performance benefits.
    5. What are the window tinting laws? – You should also consider the laws regarding vehicle window tint in your State. For a chart that gives an overview of the current laws in each State, click HERE. Here is what they have to say regarding Washington’s window tinting law.

      “In Washington, cars (meaning passenger sedans and coupes) can have window tint rated at 24% VLT or clearer on all side windows as well as on the rear windshield. This window tint can be as much as 35% reflective (or mirrored) in appearance which is more reflection than allowed in many states. Note that reflective tint can provide more effective solar energy rejection and is not merely cosmetic.

      Washington tint laws for MPVs (an abbreviation for multi-purpose vehicles used to mean trucks, SUVs vans, RVs and other vehicles) may have 24% or lighter VLT window tint on the two front side windows and can have window film of any darkness (including blackout privacy tint), on the rear side windows and on the rear windshield. As with car window film in Washington, window tint applied to MPVs may be up to 35% reflective.

      The following types of film sunscreening material are not permitted: mirror finish products; red, gold, yellow, or black material; or film sunscreening material that is in liquid preapplication form and brushed or sprayed on.

      Washington window film laws allow for medical exemptions to tinting regulations. If you need a darker window tint to protect your eyes, skin, or for another reason, talk to a doctor about getting an exemption that can clear you for darker window tint for your car.”

    6. Which dealer is right for me? – Never compromise. Although there are likely several companies in your area to choose from, educate yourself to ensure that you have found the best professional window film installer by comparing customer service, prices, quality of products and brands, previous work, overall reputation and as the reputation of the manufacturer or manufacturers of the window film they sell. I think you will find that the more you understand, the more likely you will be to choose Diamond Window Tinting

If you would like more information regarding the questions above or to discuss your options on getting your vehicle tinted, click HERE or contact us by calling (206) 403-1366. Find out why Diamond Window Tinting is Seattle, Washington’s #1 place to have your vehicle tinted.