Medical Exception From Tinting Laws

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Every state in the country has it’s own specific laws and guidelines about the window tint in cars and other vehicles. These laws exist so that the Police and other law enforcement agencies can determine the darkness of window tinting to be able to look into vehicles. However this practice comes up against the needs of some people that require darker window tinting for medical or health reasons.

Pennsylvania Considering Exemption

Matt Smith, a Pennsylvania Senator introduced a bill, which would permit a darker window tint in cars were the driver or passenger required it medically. People with the Oculocutaneous Albinism disorder would be exempt from the current window tint levels. Smith knew of a 15 year old with theOculocutaneous Albinism disorder, and that persuaded him to bring in the bill. The new law if approved would allow people to have 15% reflective levels. To be allowed the exemption people would have to provide a medical certificate confirming their condition.

A Sun sensitive condition

Oculocutaneous Albinism is a condition that means those with it have to cover up from the sun. It is actually a group of 4 linked conditions affecting the skin, eyes, and hair coloring of those who have it. Oculocutaneous Albinism is a rare disorder generally passed on to children by both their parents who carried the gene without showing symptoms themselves. Repeated exposure to the sun will raise the risk of damaged skin for all those with the disorder. They have to protect themselves when they are outside.

Pennsylvania tinting law

From 1996 Pennsylvania brought in definite laws for the tinting of car windows. For passengers cars require 70% of light contacting the windscreen and other windows, having to pass through. Drivers are not allowed to put non-transparent materials or posters on them. The only thing that can be attached are registration permits. Any tints fitted to a car before the driver obtained it are considered legal.

Senator Matt Smith

Matt Smith is the sponsor of Senate Bill. He is a Democratic Senator, and was previously in the House of Representatives. Smith is an attorney by trade, and he has been an elected official for 5 years. Should the law be passed then people in Pennsylvania will be grateful to him.