Window Tinting Seattle Vehicles

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window tinting in Seattle

Tint to protect

People originally only thought about having window tinting in their cars, vans, and trucks as a means of keeping bright sunlight out of their eyes. However as there is increasing evidence about the dangers of developing skin cancer from UV rays getting window tinting in Seattle seems an even better idea now. People that wanted to look cool in their vehicle may not need a reason to go for window tinting yet those that are not bothered about how they look do have a strong case for darkening the glass in their windshields as well as the side windows. Window tinting in Seattle is something that needs to be encouraged then.

Keeping Safe, Keep out UV rays

Without knowing about the potential dangers of UV rays drivers who want to keep the sunlight out of their eyes could resort to wearing a pair of shades. Perhaps if they wear glasses in any case they could have reactor lenses so there is no need to bother with switching to sunglasses when the sun is out. however good sunglasses at keeping the sunlight out of a driver’s eyes they do not offer anywhere near as much protection from UV as window tinting does. Window tinting is something that long distance truck drivers have been fitting to their trucks for years. Truck drivers finding tinted glass particularly useful when driving through the sunnier states like California and Florida. Given a relative lack of both trucks and sunshine the car drivers of Seattle have tended not to buy cars with window tinting fitted as standard.

UV is dangerous no matter how short the journey

Most people that own cars, especially if they only drive short distances over short periods of time will have not seriously thought that they needed tinted glass to prevent, or lower the risk of developing skin cancer. If the people that drive short distances in and around Seattle had suspected there was such a risk then it would seem that those who drove long distances would be in more danger. Yet people only need to be exposed to UV rays for short periods of time to increase the risks of developing the mutated cells that can eventually lead to full blown skin cancer. Whilst Seattle does not have as much sun hours as states further south do on the brightest of days bright sunlight can cause UV rays to penetrate any car windshields and side windows with the potential to cause sun burn.

Tinted windows are the solution

While UV rays can cause potential skin cancer for car drivers and their passengers the solution to stopping that risk is simple,window tinting filters out the rays that do all the damage. It is a solution that is relatively inexpensive to put into place. Any garage that replaces windshields and side windows should have no problem at all in fitting window tinting in Seattle. Depending on the size of the vehicle, which you drive it should only cost a few hundred dollars to tint all of the windows and keep the UV rays out. There are differing degrees of tinting as well, yet even the palest tint will prevent UV rays coming through the windows.

Stay cool, stay young looking

Reducing the risks of developing skin cancer is not the only advantage of window tinting been fitted to your vehicle. Exposure to sunlight in general, and UV rays in particular ages your skin. So the drivers of Seattle can gladly fit window tinting to their vehicles in order to prevent their skin from aging. Tinted glass helps to keep you looking younger, which has got to appeal to younger drivers, and people that are serious about the way they look. Drivers that are serious about how good they look while driving would more than likely have gone for the window tinting look in the first place. Having no UV rays to age the skin means that tinted glass becomes a necessity instead of an added extra. In that respect then paying extra for window tinting is definitely money well spent.

Vehicles that are fitted with window tinting are actually cooler in terms of inside temperature than those with non-tinted glass. Essentially the vehicles with the window tinting are cooler inside as UV rays have been blocked. It is the UV rays that intensify the heat of sunlight so if these are not present your vehicle does not become really hot a bright summer day. There is less need to park your car in a shaded area to prevent it from been uncomfortably hot when you get back into it. The seats and panels will not be unbearably hot either. With your car remaining cooler even during a hot summer day you may not have to automatically put the air conditioning on as soon as you get back into it. Window tinting Seattle gives more people cooler cars at the height of summer.

Tinting is good for pets

Having window tinting could also benefit drivers that are also dog owners. When people leave their dogs in cars on a hot day it can put the dog’s health at risk if the driver is away from the car for too long. Dogs in a car with tinted glass will stay cooler for longer but should still not be left for too long. Any other kind of pet will probably appreciate been in a cooler car too, for example if they need to go to the vets.

Another time the drivers of Seattle will benefit from window tinting is when they go for longer drives, may be on a business trip or on a trip to visit family or friends in a state with hotter and sunnier weather. Whatever the reason for going on a longer drive without tinted windows the health risks would be greater as the exposure would be for a longer period of time. With tinted glass there are no such risks irrespective of how long for, or how far people have to drive.

Thus the advantages of window tinting outweigh the modest cost of having it fitted if you did not buy it included in the price of your new car. The tinted glass keeps out the UV rays, removing the the risk of getting skin cancer while driving, and preventing premature aging. Further more it keeps your car cooler in the summer.