Innovations In The Window Tinting Industry

In Blog by Hayong Chong

The window tinting industry is constantly seeing new innovations, but this is something that many people may not realize is happening. These innovations help to produce better products for customers that serve a real purpose, as well as helping those who work in the industry to provide a more complete service for their clients. Some new things that we can expect to see during 2006 are discussed below.

Window Film Viewer By Llumar

This allows people to see what their car will look like with window tints before they have any work carried out. Llumar produce some of the most popular window tint brands that are available on the market today, and this new viewer is available to use on their website. There are over 3000 models of cars that you can experiment on using the viewer and is an excellent tool if you have been considering getting your windows tinted for some time but are unsure about how your car would look once it has been done.

Smart Glass

This is a fairly new concept and is still in the development stage, but it soon may be possible for people to actually control the level of tint that they have on their windows, and change it when needed. If you want some more privacy for example, then you will be able to make the tint on the windows darker. It can also be useful if you do a lot of travelling over the country, as different states have different laws about how much tint windows can have.

Wraps For Automobiles

Having a vehicle wrap is becoming an incredibly popular way to customize your car. These wraps can be used to add different textures to your car, and also different designs. There are so many different types of wrap available that you can make your car really unique. Many window tinting companies are starting to offer this service because the same technology and techniques are used as those for tinting windows, so it really complements their existing service.