Why The Police Despise Illegal Window Tint

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Why Law Enforcement Hate Illegal Vehicle Tinting

Window tinting serves two primary functions, it enhances the overall appearance of the vehicle making it look more sleek and it reduces the inside temperature during the summer months due to limiting the sunlight. However, vehicles that have illegal window tint (much darker than regular tint) can cause issues with police officers for the following reasons:

Prevention of Monitoring Legal Compliance

Every state has a seat belt law for the driver and all passengers. However, when a vehicle’s windows have been tinted too dark, law enforcement cannot determine whether the occupants of an automobile are complying with the law. Also, illegal window tint prevents police officers from seeing whether drivers are using their cell phones, an activity that is slowly becoming illegal in all countries around the globe.

Reduction in Visibility

Illegal window tint can actually obscure the driver’s vision, especially at night or when visibility is already restricted. Not being able to see jeopardizes the safety of the occupants of the vehicle and those on the road around them. The driver of the automobile can be held liable if they are involved in any type of accident.

Safety is compromised

Finally, illegal window tint is a tremendous safety risk for police officers at roadblocks or when pulling over a car. They are unable to see what the driver is doing, especially when the windows are not rolled down as soon as they have been pulled over. Illegal window tint can often be used to conceal a drug deal or other illegal activities.

Allowable Darkness Levels

When determining the regulations with regards to film on windows, there is a large amount of conflicting information. Each state has its own laws related to the degree of tinting which makes it difficult for drivers to travel across state lines. The general rule of thumb is that police officers must have a clear line of vision through the front windows at all times.

The only time darker tint is acceptable is when the occupants of the automobile have health conditions that can be aggravated by the sun. If they are pulled over, they should have a doctor’s note indicating their ailment and need to for the tint. When considering having your windows tinted, it is important to consult with a tint shop in your state to ensure you install the correct product and comply with all associated laws.