Best Window Tint Percentage For Your Vehicle

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What Percentage of Tint You Need?

Before going for your car’s best window tint percentage, you must start by knowing what has been put in place by the law. Different states have varying laws regarding tint reflections and darkness and you have to follow such laws to avoid being fined for using a tint that is too dark. That said, most of the states allow around 50% darkness, though that is the case, figuring out that percentage is a challenge to most people. If you have never known, the percentage of light that passes through the windows of your car measure window tint darkness – this is also called visible light transmission (VLT.)

It doesn’t means that a window whose tint darkness is below 50% is the most effective. Even when 80% or 90% of light is allowed by your tint film, your driving can be impacted in one way or the other. The sun’s glare can be reduced significantly and ensure you are protected from the sun’s harmful EV rays.

To find out how different percentages of tint allow light to pass through, you can search online for the image. When you have a tint that allows more than 50% light to pass through is very helpful. With it, your vision is increased and at the same time the glare is reduced and that means there is no need to do much tinting. Though you tint your car by yourself, it is advisable to let an expert do it. Professionals can provide you with various alternatives so that you can choose your preferred VLT.

A significant effect can be felt even by a person who has slightly tinted his/her car. It prevents your eyes from straining and reduces the sun’s glare. Since window tinting is not a very costly investment, going for one is highly encouraged. But above all, remember to inquire about your state’s regulation on the same so that you do not end up being pulled over by the law enforces.