The Universal Importance of Tinted Windows

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Weather And Your Vehicle’s Windows

Lots of the people who live in climates that are not especially sunny are under the impression that they don’t need any sun protection at all. They think that the cloud cover in the sky is more than enough to shield them from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Many people take this a step further, and they seem to be under the impression that ultraviolet rays are nonexistent in the winter. It is important to remember that ultraviolet rays are a problem at any point during the day in almost any climate on Earth.

In Seattle WA, for instance, many people are going to be driving around with windows that lack a tint, believing that window tinting is unnecessary in what is such a famously sunless climate. However, it is important to note that even Washington State is going to have sunny days around twenty-five percent of the time. It isn’t as if this is a land without sun altogether. Seattle has truly fantastic summers. People are still incontrovertibly going to need their window tinting on those days, so it makes sense to have window tinting all the time even for the people who are under the impression that ultraviolet rays are not a problem on cloudy days.

However, ultraviolet rays are still a problem even on cloudy days. The people who have sunlight allergies or solar sensitivity are still going to need to avoid the sun on cloudy days, which only provide some shade. Winter days that feature a lot of snow can actually be worse in that regard. The high albedo of the snow is going to more or less magnify the effect of the ultraviolet rays. Many people find that when they go outside on a snowy day, everything seems to be very bright. They should take note, since the ultraviolet radiation is being magnified along with the visible light.

Seattle WA gets minimal snow, although it does snow there from time to time. However, the sun does not disappear during the rainy days of Seattle. People are still going to cause themselves premature aging by exposing themselves to ultraviolet radiation, and they are increasing their risk of skin cancer by not using the appropriate levels of sun protection. Window tinting is one of the most important forms of sun protection for drivers, since they’re going to be exposed to so much sunlight when they are driving their cars.

Ultraviolet radiation can also cause severe fading. People who have left black sweaters in their cars for long periods of time may find that the sweaters have turned light brown as a result of the ultraviolet radiation causing fading. The same thing can happen to the interior of a person’s car, which is why window tinting is important in all climates. The effects of ultraviolet radiation are cumulative. A little bit of exposure each day is going to add up to a lot of exposure and a lot of damage. It makes more sense to prevent the damage in advance in Seattle WA and elsewhere.