Why Is Your Vehicle Interior Fading?

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Fading Of Your Car Interior

There is an insidious force at work to make your car interior fade. It ever so slowly turns your cars interior to a dim, bland color. Over time it can even remove the color completely.

This force is something most people enjoy on their face, sunlight. Yes, sunlight will fade your cars interior. Both the fabric and plastic parts will fade over time when exposed to sunlight.

It will turn blacks to faded black. It will turn bright red into not so red. It turns the colors you love into a shadow of their former selves.

This will happen whether you have a car or a truck, the sun will fade your colors. It does it ever so slowly you will not notice until you see a swatch of the cloth when it was new to compare it with.

This will not only lower your resale value; but, your enjoyment of your vehicle. You loved the color when you got the vehicle and it will slowly disappear without your help.

How To Resolve This Interior Fade

Fear not, there is an easy solution to this problem.

Window tinting can stop this color fading problem in its tracks.

The culprit in sunlight is the UV spectrum. This is also what gives you a tan on the beach or when outside. It is also what causes sunburn and fading colors in your vehicle.

You need tinting with a UV blocker to prevent fading. There are some options to get UV tinting on your vehicle windows.

Contrary to popular opinion, darker tinting is not better. It will make the interior dim and is not allowed in some places. It also changes the look of your vehicle from what you loved about it.

You need to check with local regulations about tinting in your area. This can save a lot of headaches later. Most areas have some kind of tinting laws in place.

If you can to order a new vehicle from the factory with UV tinting; you should go with that option. There are a other options for the rest of us though.

You can either “do it yourself” or have a professional do it. Both option have their pluses and minuses.

Either option you need to make sure there is a UV blocker in the tinting or it is not going to prevent your fading. You also need to decide how much tinting you find appealing and what conforms to local laws.

In the do it yourself realm, there are many options for the shade of tinting. The most popular, and easier of the options, is a film you install on your windows.

Installing the film yourself can be a daunting task. You need the windows perfectly clean and be able to cut the film to the proper size for the window. Your vehicle may have a special tint kit with pre-cut pieces to make it easier.

When the pieces are the proper size, you then use a spray and a squeegee to stick it to the window. It is best done with a helper. Side windows are not too bad; but, the larger front and rear windows can be challenging to get on right.

This type of tinting can also be installed by a professional with much better results. The worst problem is putting it on without bubbles forming. Film tinting will last around 5 years before it has to be replaced from wear and use.

A normal sized car can be done in a day and if you take your time you can have great results.

A more labor intensive process is a spray tint. To do this properly the windows need removed and the tint is usually sprayed on. This is more expensive, but does last much longer than the film.

You also need a dustless place to put the windows to paint them and leave them to dry. Most people use a professional service for the obvious reasons.

The most expensive option is to replace the windows with a UV tinted factory replacement set. Though you could do this yourself, it is best done by a professional.

Any method you choose will result in keeping your vehicle interior in that “like new” state. Window tinting will save the investment in your vehicle so your interior doesn’t fade. Keeping the colors you love is the goal. It will come down to how much you want to spend and how “do it yourself” you are. Let the pros at Diamond Window Tinting take care of this for you.