Why 3M Paint Protection is Great For Your Vehicle

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Hate bug smears on your car’s new bumper? Afraid of salt damage over time? Worried a rock might chip your carefully polished paint? 3M Paint Protection is an excellent option to protect your car.

3M Paint Protection is a clear plastic film applied over your car’s paint. Self-healing from minor damage, the 3M Paint Protection absorbs the damage instead of your car’s paint.

Best installed by professionals, but handy do it yourself car people can follow the directions as well, 3M Paint Protection is custom cut to each car. This means no awkward extra material that doesn’t quite fit, and a perfect seal to your car’s shape. 3M Paint Protection is a permanent film, but it will not damage your paint’s finish should you decide to remove it at a later date.

3M Paint Protection absorbs the UV damage that over time dulls your paint, protects from minor scratches and scuffs, and is fully washable. Once applied, you never have to maintain the product.

Don’t like the idea of a plastic sticky sheet on your vehicle? 3M Paint Protection is now also available as a spray product. This alternate version allows you to more easily remove the product. Since no cutting and fitting is required, for the do it yourself car person, the spray version of 3M Paint Protection might be a more comfortable plan. The drawback to the spray style is it lacks the longevity of the plastic film; after about a year you will need to repeat the process. With the clear plastic film, no reapplication needs to be done for about seven years.

No matter the version, 3M Paint Protection will help protect your car’s paint finish. This protection will increase your car’s resale value over time since you will have less marks and fading when you are ready to resell. 3M Paint Protection also increases your driving experience – no one wants to drive that scratched, bug marked car, but a shiny mark free car is always a pleasure to look at and drive.

3M Paint Protection does not just have to be applied to a car or truck. Boats and RVs benefit from the 3M Paint Protection application as well. The clear film, or spray, can be used on any vehicle type. Again, for best outcome, a professional should install the 3M Paint Protection to whatever vehicles you choose to protect.

Before you purchase 3M Paint Protection, likely you will do some further research. It is important to know that some people have complained that over the life of the product the film seemed to yellow, turn hazy or cloudy, or even seem brittle. These were complaints about the old version of 3M Paint Protection. The new 3M Paint Protection has been carefully tested and formulated to prevent this yellowing effect from happening. You can feel confident that the new 3M Paint Protection perform exactly as it claims.

Whether you choose a permanent solution to protect your car’s paint finish or a more temporary route, 3M Paint Protection offers superior paint protection at a reasonable price.